The RL3000E rapid roll door from DMF International has been installed at hundreds of carwash facilities across Australia and New Zealand.

DMF’s RL3000E rapid roll doors feature a design suited to these environments with anodised aluminium columns, stainless steel fixtures and components, and a 2mm-4mm thick clear PVC door blade that provides excellent sound insulation.

The RL3000E can be easily integrated with the carwash control system to be fully automated during the wash cycle. Door settings are controlled via an encoder system and programmable HMI controller, exclusive to the DMF range.

DMF recently installed two high speed RL3000E rapid roll doors for a carwash client in Darwin NT. Featuring IP65 motors and full safety sensors, these doors were designed to not only provide sound insulation during the wash cycle, but also minimise spray from the auto wash system.

The heavy windbar design of these doors accommodates 80km/h winds, and can tolerate continuous use.