DMF International  is the Australian manufacturer of the popular flexible PVC Swingflex traffic doors used in various commercial and industrial applications.
DMF’s PVC Swingflex doors are ideal for commercial kitchens, laboratories, hospitals, supermarkets, warehouses, freezers, coolrooms, workshops and mining facilities.
Made from high quality PVC, which is free from DOP and has very stable plasticisers, Swingflex traffic doors will not leach plasticisers over time unlike cheaper forms of flexible PVC.
Key features of Swingflex PVC traffic doors:
  • Quiet in operation
  • Ideal for protecting a busy working environment from dust, temperature and noise
  • Suitable for pedestrian traffic, trolleys and forklifts
  • Heavy duty models available for forklift traffic
  • Choice of all clear finish, translucent finish, or coloured laminate finish together with see-through window sections
  • Can be opened in either direction by pushing through
  • Closes automatically due to a variable torque spring, concealed within the door frame
  • Clear anodised aluminium frames with optional powder-coating