Various industries are dependent on temperature controlled storage facilities for their operations. For instance, when it comes to food product logistics, stringent industry standards and food storage regulations ensure that the need for climate controlled areas to suit temperature sensitive and frozen goods is non-negotiable.

Businesses involved in food product warehousing have to maintain these high standards while ensuring productivity, and keeping costs down.

Here are a few ideas that can deliver efficiency to your cold storage warehouses:

Build and equip your storage to handle the task

Never compromise on the equipment and technologies needed to operate your cold storage warehouse efficiently and problem-free. Certain types of equipment may break down due to prolonged exposure to extremely cold temperatures. Insist on the right systems and components that can withstand the cold environment, and check that wiring, storage shelves, pallet racking and the rest of the equipment won’t easily rust or degrade in the cold, damp environment.

Divide space wisely to reduce energy use

Efficient space division is necessary in temperature sensitive facilities such as cold storages and chiller warehouses for proper management of temperatures within the facility, so that the quality of the stored products is not compromised in any way. Proper space division also helps in lowering energy costs and maintaining an efficient workflow.

Consider what is needed for what you are storing

Food product storage, for instance, is governed by some of the most stringent hygiene and quality control regulations. This means your cold storage warehouse should be equipped with systems that assist your operation in meeting these regulations. DMF International offers a wide range of products that fits the bill. DMF’s rapid roll doors are designed for easy cleaning and some models are resistant to bacteria, making them ideal for storage applications in the food service and logistics industry.

Contingency plans for delays

Delays are inevitable no matter how prepared you are. Have a ready plan to handle those delays and make up for the loss of time. Work with your refrigeration transportation partners to devise a strategy in the event of a delay. Ensure that the quality of the products you’re handling will not be affected as a result.

Install the right high speed doors for the application

The efficiency of a cold storage facility is heavily dependent on the quality of equipment. To keep your storage facility’s temperature secure, you not only need high quality racking and refrigeration, but also proper door solutions. Trust DMF to equip your refrigeration facility with high quality cold storage high speed doors that can provide optimum insulation. With fast opening speeds, DMF doors offer efficient entry and exit to minimise temperature loss, increase productivity and keep your stored goods safe. DMF recommends their RL3000E Coldsaver high speed doors that feature an insulated flexible panel designed for easy cleaning and excellent temperature control.

Keeping it simple

Some environments will be perfectly served by DMF’s simpler solutions such as the flexible PVC Visiflex strip curtains, or the non-automated PVC Swingflex doors. These barriers can suit some environments adequately while ensuring an easy and highly affordable installation.

Get the best door solutions for your cold storage warehouse from DMF International

Take your chiller or cold storage warehouse to the next level of efficiency with high speed roll doors from DMF International. From PVC swing doors to rapid roller doors, we offer door solutions that exceed your expectations. With over 50 years of experience in the business, we have you covered.