DMF International was engaged by a large office complex in Canberra, ACT to replace the slow, worn sectional garage doors in their carpark with high speed security doors.

The Efaflex SSN low lintel model was perfect for the application, providing not only a high speed of over 1.0m/sec, but also the reliability to withstand the hundreds of cycles of operation each day.

Ventilation was also an important requirement for the client, and this was achieved using a special door blade of punched aluminium, providing high strength and allowing the vented effect within the carpark to expel vehicle exhaust.

The low available headroom – a common challenge in most carparks – was accommodated with the Efaflex SSN high speed door, which only required less than 400mm headroom to fit in. The doors were designed to be activated by number plate recognition, ensuring highly secure access control into this important office complex.