A major waste company in Sydney approached DMF International for a high speed door solution that could effectively contain odour at their process plant.

Located in Sydney’s western suburbs, the waste company’s process plant needed high speed doors for openings at the main garbage truck dumping areas. The brief required doors that were high and fast in action, provided a good seal, and were able to withstand the prevailing winds.

DMF recommended the Series RL3000E rapid roll doors for the waste company’s application. Three rapid roll doors from this series were custom manufactured by DMF at their factory, and installed sequentially to avoid disruption to the operations.

The DMF doors are connected to traffic light control and activated by motion sensors as the garbage truck reverses towards the opening. Door opening speeds were set at 1m/s, which meant the doors would be fully opened by the time the trucks reversed into position to commence tipping.

As a local manufacturer, DMF also offered the assurance of quick service and availability of customised parts for the client’s extensive operations.