Commercial and industrial work environments have busy, high traffic areas where doorways need to enable easy, hands-free access for users through auto opening and closing of the doors. DMF International recommends their Traffic doors for this scenario with their insulating and two-way operation automatically closing the door from either direction of the opening to keep the area sealed. This two-way operation means operators only need to gently push through from either side of the doorway.

DMF has supplied these traffic doors to several Australian clients and large supermarkets, including Woolworths, Coles and TK Maxx, as well as exported to locations such as NZ, Fiji, India, UAE and Philippines for use in hypermarkets, commercial kitchens, clubs and hotels, and food packaging and production facilities.

One of DMF’s major supermarket clients in Australia is Woolworths, with doors fitted to openings between the selling floor and the stockroom, which are high traffic areas. DMF Traffic doors can withstand harsh use and ensure safety for operators. Safety yellow ‘teardrop’ shaped high impact resistant polyethylene spring bumpers are employed on the stock side to cushion the impact of trolleys and pallet jacks as they push through the doors, while safety markings on the window surrounds are used to better alert users of approaching traffic on the other side of the doorway.

DMF Traffic doors are custom manufactured in a well equipped factory in Sydney, and made to size and configuration for these applications. The doors come complete with double glazed PC windows and polyethylene ‘teardrop’ bumpers. The door blade is 42mm thick, and comes with a durable ABS surface and insulated core material, resulting in not only good thermal control but also sound control. The return spring system is completely concealed within the aluminium door stile, and has adjustable torque control for the opening and closing force.