DMF International was recently commissioned to supply and install several large high speed folding action Efaflex SFT doors at a combined emergency services building.

The brief demanded a door type that could not only provide security, but also function with a quick opening action during an emergency situation. Key requirements also included high performance reliability and good wind pressure tolerance. 

The high speed action opens the doors fully in a matter of seconds, saving time in a critical emergency situation. The Efaflex SFT high speed folding doors were able to meet all the requirements while also offering an architectural finish to the building.

The Efaflex doors are designed with a bi-parting action, and feature framed windows for maximum visibility and light, as well as sensors for safe use by operators. The soft start stop action also results in a very smooth and quiet operation.

DMF has supplied folding type doors as well as high speed spiral roll doors to a number of clients requiring fast action security doors, including carparks, airports, warehouses, and even prisons.

DMF is the exclusive distributor for the German manufactured Efaflex door products in Australia.