DMF International  can now offer high speed Efaflex doors as part of their extensive range. The Efaflex STR high speed door operates at a speed of 4.0m/sec.

With the ability to accommodate openings up to 7m high and 6m wide, and exposed to high wind, the Efaflex STR high speed door can suit a large variety of applications.

To enhance the performance, the Efaflex STR comes with the option of an active crash system, allowing the bottom of the door to be impacted, and then automatically realigning back into operation. This is ideal for heavy trafficked openings, such as warehouses.

An additional safety feature is the in-column TLG light curtain, which prevents the door from closing if anything is within the opening.

The quite and compact, low maintenance construction, guarantees a long service life for this high speed roll door, designed for 250,000 cycles per year.