DMF International supply hygienic swing doors from UK based company DMF Dortek to the Australian market.  

These hygienic swing doors are perfect for: 

  • Pharmaceutical facilities 
  • Food processing facilities
  • Hospitals
  • Laboratories  
This is because these industries require the highest of hygiene standards. Food industry premises, such as the kitchens in cafes and restaurants, require doors that feature smooth, non- absorbent surfaces are easy to clean.

In the pharmaceutical sector, smooth, ledge free, non-porous ledge-free doors are ideal, while hospital doors must adhere to strict hygiene standards in operating theatres, wards and kitchens.    

Dortek glass reinforced polyester (GRP) hygienic swing doors are highly beneficial when compared with lined timber and stainless steel doors for a variety of reasons, including:

  • They are very easy to clean
  • They a lightweight, maintenance free and highly durable
  • They are water resistant which prevents the distortion and rusting of the doors
  • They have a non-absorbent surface which does not harbour bacteria
  • They have a seamless moulded construction and have no joints or ledges
The hygienic swing doors are available with an optional patented intumescent strip which provides up to 4 hours fire resistance.

GlaxonSmithKline, Wyeth, MSD, Novartis and numerous clinics and hospitals have already installed these DMF swing doors by virtue of their hygienic qualities and high quality construction.