DMF International provided a customised high speed door solution to a pharmaceutical company in north western Sydney to meet the specific requirements of the installation.

3M Pharmaceuticals required high speed roll doors on either side of critical airlocks. The doors were needed for 12 airlocks that were built in a line, and closely spaced with a little over 300mm space between them. While this space is normally not enough to fit adjacent high speed roll doors, DMF was able to resolve this issue by repositioning the motor above the roller assemblies.

The airlock was purposed to retain up to 25Pa of air pressure, which the DMF RL3000 doors could hold with minimal air loss. The doors on either side of the airlock were required to be electrically interlocked to prevent their opening at the same time.

The remote control activation was enabled using multi-frequency remotes purpose-designed and made by DMF, allowing only one door to be activated at a time, as determined by the operator.

All of DMF’s high speed roll doors come with a variety of safety mechanisms. For the 3M project, the doors were fitted with inline photoelectric light beams within the doorway, a touch sensitive bottom beam, and safety motion sensors guarding the vicinity of the doorway. Each of these sensors works to quickly return the door to the open position if any obstruction or movement occurs within or near the doorway during the closing cycle of the door.

DMF manufactured these specialised high speed doors at their Sydney factory.