Rapid roll doors have become increasingly popular for the control of temperature, dust, fumes and even security. Australian owned high speed door manufacturer DMF International is proud to continue the tradition of supplying solutions for a variety of applications.

With a fast action of up to 1.5m/sec opening speed, DMF high speed doors can tolerate hundreds of cycles per day. DMF rapid roll doors can help in situations where doorways have a high frequency of traffic.

Rapid roll doors can also be custom made to suit large doorways measuring up to 6m (H) x 6m (W), and larger doors can be sourced through DMF’s German partner, Efaflex Gmbh.

Additionally, DMF has a range of panel type roll doors to assist with temperature seal, dust prevention, and to reduce vermin entry while still providing ventilation.

Whatever the requirement, DMF can configure the door to suit.