DMF International has launched its new style of automated flexible door, the BiFLEX door, at the recent FoodPro exhibition in Sydney and also at the AsiaFood Expo in the Philippines.

This door adds to their comprehensive range of flexible doors already produced in Australia, including Swingflex Visiflex and Rapid Roll doors.

The BiFLEX door is an automated biparting door, comprising of PVC strips that gently, yet rapidly, open to either side. Unlike conventional strip doors and swing doors, there is therefore no impact contact of the PVC.

This concept is not new, since DMF’s Rapid BiFold doors have a similar action, but were costly.

However, this new design results in a price that is affordable.

With an adjustable opening/closing speed of up to 1.3m/s, the door can be used to automatically open for the damaging traffic, such as forklifts, while remaining closed for pedestrian traffic, which can then pass through like a normal fixed Visiflex strip door. The door recloses after a preset time and is fully self-commissioning.

These doors are suitable for supermarkets, cool rooms, warehouses and can accommodate opening sizes up to 8m wide.