Auto Biflex Doors from DMF International are automated biparting doors, comprising of PVC strips that gently, yet rapidly open to either side. Unlike many strip doors and swing doors, there is no impact contact of the PVC.

The sliding mechanism works on an Accordian Type system. A set of two strips fold back and while they are folding back, they slide towards one either side of the opening. This creates an opening clearance of full height, almost instantaneously.

When fully open, this Accordian system of the Auto BiFlex doors takes up just 15% of the opening.

Features of these new Auto Biflex Doors:

  • An anodised aluminium head "beam" which incorporates the drive system.
  • Travelling brackets in galvanised steel or special option of stainless steel.
  • Opening speed of about 1.3 m/sec, with adjustable hold open time for automatic closing.
  • Can be used in openings that have gantry beams passing through the opening.
  • Can remain closed for pedestrian thoroughfare
  • Safe operation
  • End position-damping control for accurate slow down of door movement.
  • Built in uninterrupted power supply for continued operation of door if there is a power failure.
  • PVC panels are 300mm wide and up to 10mm thick, with a 100mm overlap, providing ease of pedestrian access if remaining closed.
  • Full opening height is available as soon as the door starts to open.
  • Able to accommodate wide openings of 10m