Displayworks has designed and manufactured a triangular shaped display unit which is completely portable and easy to assemble and disassemble, with no power tools or hardware necessary. The “Snap and Play” Triangular Unit is ideal for merchandise exhibitions or temporary displays in retails shops. It is cost effective, durable and long lasting, and the triangular design makes it a great space saver too. The display unit comes with a 10 year manufacturers warranty, and will not crack, rot, or split, and is resistant to nicks, scratched and chipping.

There are three base options with the Triangular Unit, without base, a fixed base, or a rotating base which is made to order.  Assembly takes just 10 minutes and the “Snap and Play” unit is delivered flat packed with no nuts, bolts or screws required. The size options include 400 millimetres or 600 millimetres wide, by 1120 millimetres, 1500 millimetres or 1880 millimetres high which includes the base.