Dynotile, available from Displayworks , is a new flooring product designed to meet all retail and exhibition floor covering and tiling needs.

Created for people who want a durable covering for their concrete floor that is easy to install, this innovative tile is the suitable way to cover up the traditional concrete floors.

Store owners can create attractive, and easy to clean flooring to suit any retail environment such as vehicle showrooms. Combine different colour tiles to create a customised look to match the retail setting.

Dynotile is also an ideal flooring solution for exhibitions and trade shows. Dynotile’s honeycomb support structure provides enough strength to withstand heavy vehicle traffic, while providing a calculated amount of give for a more cushioned feel.

Dynotile is also D.I.Y friendly as it does not require a professional for installation. The Overlock technology allows each tile to easily snap on and off, creating permanent or temporary floor covering in a few short hours.

Made of a special polymer, Dynotile provides an ideal blend of strength and shock absorption. The polymer maintains industrial strength durability while providing noise dampening and anti-fatigue properties.

The Overlock feature of Dynotile ensures that dirt and spills stay on top of the tile therefore making cleanups quicker and easier. Dynotile is also resistant to water, stains, chemicals, fire and UV rays.