The Melbourne-based Discount Hardware Products manufactures a comprehensive range of wrought iron products and wrought iron accessories. 

Hammered bars for balustrades and gates, flower and leaf designs for steel balusters, wrought iron balustrade panels and wrought iron handrails are some of the wrought iron products and accessories offered by Discount Hardware Products.

Hammered bars 

Hammered bars with steel baskets welded in the centre can be used on balustrades or gates. Featuring a hammered bar surface, these wrought iron accessories gain a unique light and dark effect after painting, providing an antique appearance.

Flower and leaf designs 

Flower and leaf designs on steel balusters add charm to any balcony. Ideal for homes, the floral designs on railings will indicate a love of nature and also lend exceptional beauty and class to the building.

Wrought iron balustrade panels 

Dimensionally designed for stairways, wrought iron balustrade panels can be used in continuous sequence or interspersed with plain wrought iron bars in plain, twisted or hammered bar options.