Dincel Construction System is re-engineering the way buildings are built for the future with its innovative waterproof structural walls.

Conventional buildings made from fibre cement, timber, bricks and concrete absorb excessive amounts of water during floods, damaging the structural integrity of the construction. This was recently observed in the aftermath of the New South Wales storms, which swept several houses off their foundations. The extent of damage to these waterlogged homes will not be known till they are completely dried out.

According to Dincel, buildings, especially those made from soft wood are at risk of fungal growth when exposed to water continuously for about 72 hours, with rising damp further hindering the drying time. The damage caused by fungal growth in the aftermath of a flood can be exacerbated by other issues, with fibre cement, masonry and brick homes at risk of efflorescence, cracking and mould or mildew.

Dincel Construction Systems

The Australian made and internationally patented Dincel Construction System is a new generation permanent polymer formwork for building structural walls.

Inventor and Managing Director of Dincel Construction System, and a practising structural engineer, Burak Dincel explains that many people are unaware of the impact of flood waters on buildings, with signs of serious water damage only emerging several months afterwards. For instance, in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in the United States, many homes were actually demolished due to fungal growth rather than structural damage.

Insurance premiums are based on the risks including the total building replacement cost rather than replacing the internal plasterboard finish on a Dincel wall. For this reason, it is unaffordable to have insurance for housing located within flood zones.

Designed to withstand adverse conditions such as floods and earthquakes, the Dincel Construction System offers an ideal solution for rebuilding structural walls for single and multi-residential dwellings in flood prone regions. A certified and compliant building product, the permanent polymer formwork uniquely clicks into position to build structural walls and columns to almost any specification, simplifying the engineering, design and drafting process.

A wall built with the Dincel system will last for 100 years as the Dincel-polymer encapsulation to the concrete infill will not dissolve for this duration. Key benefits also include ability to withstand extreme conditions; waterproof solution eliminating mould/mildew, corrosion and concrete cancer; and up to 50 per cent reduction in construction time, speeding up any rebuilding process following a disaster.

Dincel Construction Systems offer an ideal solution for building walls in flood affected zones, potable water tanks, fish/crocodile farms, subterranean and underwater areas, and even chemical environments such as sewage and industrial waste areas.

Dincel Construction System has been shortlisted for the prestigious Good Design Awards.