The Dincel Construction System is based on an advanced construction technology that allows load bearing walls and columns to be constructed at a reduced cost, in less time and with a lower skill demand than traditional masonry or concrete methods.

The Dincel construction system uses an internationally patented, lightweight, hollow form, manufactured from a durable rigid polymer, and filled with ready mixed concrete to produce a load bearing, fire resistant structural element.

How does the Dincel construction system benefit architects and engineers?

Addresses client’s needs 

The Dincel system enables construction at lower cost in less time; reduces defects and ongoing maintenance; allows early sales and lower holding costs; ensures solid construction, increasing market appeal; and offers better acoustic and thermal performance with improved fire safety.

Meets designer’s needs

The Dincel system helps the designer address the client’s needs; achieves client satisfaction and repeat business; offers flexibility and adaptability in all forms of construction; and reduces risks due to construction delays, structural performance and serviceability issues such as cracks, water leaks, water damage and concrete cancer.

Reduces designer’s liabilities 

The Dincel construction system reduces disputes over cracks, water damage, concrete cancer and workmanship; delivers superior structural performance compared with conventional systems; lowers potential for architectural dimensional errors with a modular system and shop drawings; achieves economies without compromising architectural expression with small module size (from 3 to 18 per lineal metre); simplifies architectural and engineering design; and facilitates fast, profitable and maintenance-free projects.

Addresses society’s needs 

The Dincel system helps create strong, safe, comfortable, durable and aesthetically pleasing buildings; ensures environmentally sustainable and responsible construction; reduces energy demand during construction and occupation; and facilitates safer working conditions.