Dincel 275 polymer formwork is designed to withstand the high pressures generated from the use of vibrators and high slump concrete. Air voids in the formwork during a concrete pour can be avoided by adopting the following methods:

1. High slump concrete

A minimum of 180mm concrete slump at the point of discharge with a maximum aggregate size of 10mm is required to ensure adequate flow through the formwork. 

2. Use of vibrators

A 25mm pocket vibrator with flexible shaft should be used. The vibrator should be lowered at regular intervals across the wall’s length, and moved up from the bottom of each pour/lift until clear of the concrete. 

Dincel 275

In reference to the image above:

1. Perforations within the internal ring eliminate segregation by controlling and directing concrete flow.

2. Internal ring resists concrete pour pressures allowing for high slump concrete (>240mm) or single lifts/pours up to 4.5m.

3. Non-hygroscopic formwork material maximises concrete flow.