Dincel Construction System has been awarded the Best Environmental Practice (BEP) Approval Mark after meeting the strict Green Building Council Best Practice Guidelines for PVC.

The Dincel system is an internationally patented, Australian made polymer formwork for waterproof walls and columns, which offers builders and developers up to 50 per cent faster construction time and up to 43 per cent in cost saving as a load bearing engineering system.

Under the PVC Credit in the Green Building Council of Australia's Green Star rating tool, criteria have been developed to demonstrate BEP in PVC. With an aim to achieve best practice for Australian buildings in all aspects, the Green Building Council of Australia requires all products including Dincel style polymer formwork to be independently verified as meeting the BEP criteria. Testing found the VOC component reading for Dincel PVC as 50 times below the Green Star threshold.

The company’s founder and managing director, Burak Dincel observes that the Dincel system not only has the BEP Mark but the PVC also meets the strict Building Code of Australia (BCA) compliance requirements, duly validated by an Australian NATA registered laboratory.

The Dincel polymer formwork uniquely clicks into position to quickly build structural walls and columns, filled with ready mixed concrete on site. Suitable for above and below ground applications thanks to its waterproof properties, the Dincel system also prevents concrete cancer and corrosion for a high quality build with fewer defects and lower maintenance throughout the lifecycle of the building.