Formwork and scaffolding business Formscaff finds the Dincel structural walling system to be quicker, safer and more cost-competitive than conventional solutions.

Developed and locally manufactured by Dincel Construction System in Western Sydney, Dincel structural walling is an internationally patented, lightweight, permanent formwork system made from a durable non-toxic polymer which, when filled with ready mixed concrete, produces a load-bearing, fire-resistant structural element.

Formscaff, which constructs buildings in the commercial, industrial and high-rise residential sectors for private and public companies, confirms that the Dincel formwork system enables speedy installation, taking about a quarter of the time required by other systems.

“I’ve known Burak Dincel, Dincel Group’s chairman, for a long time as I’d worked with him on engineering projects on my own development sites before he manufactured the Dincel System, which is one of the best systems out there,” John Elcham, Formscaff managing director said.

“When we started using it, we did a project where the whole structure was Dincel and the boys loved it — now it’s on around 90 per cent of our projects.”

Dincel’s lightweight panels provide speed of installation, are faster than column-slab systems, require no cranage and are ideal for limited access sites or buildings tight against adjoining structures.

“Dincel is lighter than any other product, so one guy can carry the panel; it takes around 25 per cent of the time and is just more convenient, cleaner, neater and a lot quicker,” Elcham stated.

“Dincel was ideal for the Phillip Bay house as it was an awkward design; I didn’t want to do your general brickwork masonry and I wanted to do one skin. We designed it with Dincel and Associates and the extension and the first floor are all Dincel; downstairs we used the 200mm profile, upstairs on the perimeter we used the 155mm and on all the internals we used 110mm,” he explained.

“Where you’ve got adjoining buildings and you can’t get it watertight, Dincel is the way to go. It’s been up several months now and there’s no water seepage or leaks.”

The highly practical and functional characteristics of the Dincel structural walling system are matched by its aesthetic advantages. Natural or painted, Dincel panels are a popular design alternative, while a coloured render provides a desirable finish. Dincel also allows easy application of stone or timber cladding on the panels.

Suitable for a broad range of applications combined with increased install speed, safety and efficiency on challenging sites, Dincel structural walling is solving real problems for Australian architects, engineers and builders.