Dincel Construction System has introduced a new 275mm polymer formwork profile ideal for buildings up to 50 storeys.

Designed to speed up high rise development projects, the new 275mm profile is part of Dincel Construction System’s internationally patented, Australian engineered and manufactured polymer formwork range, proven for its speed building benefits that can reduce total construction time by half.

Inventor and Chairman of Dincel Construction System, Burak Dincel, who is a practicing structural and civil engineer, explains that there has been unprecedented demand for their product in the last 12 months with the business doubling sales in 2015, leading to additional production lines being installed in the Sydney factory and new distribution hubs opening in Queensland, Victoria and New Zealand.

Dincel has launched the new 275mm profile in response to demand from countries such as Japan, which require earthquake-proof solutions, as well as local builders and developers who are keen to specify Dincel Construction System for high rise building projects.

Ideal for the core construction (lifts and fire stairs) and columns of high rise buildings, the new wider 275mm profile from Dincel allows lift/stair shafts without scaffolding within the shaft.

Reputed jump-form operators view Dincel as a cost- and time-effective alternative to jump-form systems in high-rise buildings.

Key features and benefits of Dincel’s new 275mm profile include innovative internal ring form increasing the strength significantly to achieve an emergency safety barrier in basements without concrete infill; ability to resist up to 230mm slump single-pour concrete when poured from a height of 4 metres; and 100 per cent guaranteed waterproof solution for basements and tank walls when installed by an accredited Dincel Construction System installer.

The waterproof qualities of the new Dincel profile address critical building issues including concrete cancer, corrosion, mould and mildew, ensuring a higher quality build with fewer defects and lower maintenance throughout the lifecycle of the building. Construction speed is enhanced through the system’s ability to uniquely snap into position to quickly build walls and columns, which are then site-filled with a standard concrete mix.

Building with Dincel Construction System also reduces the need for cranage and promotes a safer building site due to the product’s lightweight composition, while also significantly lowering site wastage, resulting in a cleaner building site.

Manufactured in a dedicated factory in Sydney’s Erskine Park, the new Dincel Construction System 275mm profile complements the existing 110mm and 200mm profiles as well as the upcoming 150mm profile to be launched shortly.

Image: Burak Dincel with the first 275mm profile coming off the production line