Dincel, available from Dincel Construction System , is a load bearing alternative to column-slab frame system with columns and infill non-load bearing walls.

Load bearing wall systems in comparison to frame systems always result with significant cost savings in floor slabs.

Dincel Construction System offer the following:

  • Up to 25% cost reduction in floor slabs
  • Minimum 30% up to 50% reduction in construction timing
  • Minimum 30% cost reduction in walls
  • Eliminate detailing, acoustic and fire issues between frame system column – infill wall and floor slabs
  • Elimination of costly load transfer issues since Dincel walls can be utilised as deep beams
  • Elimination of conventional columns, footings
  • Significant reduction in excavation time and cost
  • Maintenance costs for cracks, water, termite damages
  • Reduced workmanship defects, wastage, waste removal, cleaning, cranage, transportation costs, fewer workers, reduced site amenities