Dincel Construction System  were at Sydney’s DesignBUILD exhibition showcasing their Dincel Wall System.

The Dincel Construction System comprises a PVC cast, modular wall system that is internationally patented. This environmentally sustainable wall system is 100% recyclable, and offers a simple and cost-effective method of constructing strong, waterproof walls for a variety of applications.  

The Dincel Construction Wall System is completely waterproof, eliminating the need to take further water-proofing methods, resulting in a cost-effective construction solution. It is a lightweight system that can be quickly and easily installed by one person, decreasing labour costs. The partitions are spaced to provide optimum strength, and require not extra joints or reinforcements.  

The polymer construction of the Dincel Construction Wall System is maintenance free, as it resists cracks, rot and damp. A variety of finishing options are available.