The expert team at Dimension One Glass Fencing has recently completed an exciting new project involving the installation of a glass floor in a swimming pool.

The Dimension One team were responsible for the supply, installation and technical design of the pool glass floor construction.

Glass was used as the floor of the swimming pool as a unique design feature. The swimming pool glass floor allows natural light to enter into the owner’s home, achieved through effective and clever use of space.

To ensure safety and strength Dimension One Glass Fencing used a 57mm thick toughened laminated glass with pvb interlayer. There were panels of the toughened laminated glass, each approximately 4 meters long.

The biggest challenge the Dimension One team faced was lifting the glass. Each panel weighed 1.2 tonnes and had to be lifted up over the building and lowered gently into the pool without causing any damage to the glass.

The use of glass in and around swimming pools is becoming increasingly popular, and Dimension One Glass Fencing can assist with individual and specific situations.