The frameless gate with hydraulic closer from Dimension One Glass Fencing is manufactured from 12mm glass with a self-closing, 316 marine grade stainless steel hydraulic closer

The hydraulic closer system supplied with the frameless gate is designed to close gradually in all wind conditions, and provide a smooth, soft close. The stainless steel closer is an in ground system, filled with resin to prevent dirt build up. A self closing, child proof gate latch is also fitted to the frameless gate with hydraulic closer.  

The frameless gate with hydraulic closer complies with Australian Standards AS1926, AS2820 and AS1288, and is supplied with a 12 year warranty.  

Additional features of the frameless gate with hydraulic closer include:

  • 12mm toughened glass with polished edges
  • Durable and designed for high traffic use
  • Glass is installed at end of the job reducing damage
  • Allows tiling to be completed prior to installation
  • No additional site preparation required
  • Maintenance free
  • Easy to clean Blends with the natural bush surrounds to give a seamless fence