Her Majesty’s Theatre, Adelaide’s oldest continuing performance theatre went through a complete redevelopment to meet the evolving needs of the dynamic arts industry. COX Architecture was engaged in 2017 for the $66m refit project.

‘The Maj’ opened in June 2020 with improved facilities including increased capacity of 1467 seats spread over three levels connected by two sweeping feature staircases and a large atrium, beautifully lavish backstage areas that are bigger in size, and the addition of a rehearsal area as large as the stage itself.

Various lighting and lighting control products from DIGILIN Australia were included in the historic theatre’s redevelopment and installed throughout the feature staircases, dressing rooms and bathrooms, backstage areas and in the venue’s many bars and connected elevators.

HaloFlex, a decorative flexible linear light with an ability to form curves, is used extensively in the building, excellently complementing its flowing shapes and COX’s ‘Ribbon’ concept, which informed its interior design response. The LED linear light is used to contour the underside of the feature staircases and ceiling edges. Warm colour temperatures are used throughout the venue, working beautifully with its interior materials to create an intimate, enchanting atmosphere.

Digilin’s specialist engineering capabilities were also relied upon to develop a unique linear lighting system for The Maj’s backstage. The company’s engineering team custom developed a linear strip fitted with both blue and white LEDs for installation into their Surface 75 profile, which was then connected to a two channel DALI driver. This system can be switched between high output 3000K white light for general illumination and deep blue low-level light for use during performances, allowing backstage operators sufficient light to move around without interfering with shows.

“The Maj is truly a world class theatre, with state-of-the-art lighting and sound technology, the widest proscenium arch and deepest fly tower of any commercial theatre in Australia, and a rehearsal room the same size as the stage itself. The building has also been designed to allow for greater patron accessibility, bars and amenities on every level, plus stunning views of the Adelaide Hills and city surrounds from the upper levels,” the Adelaide Festival Centre noted.

Digilin congratulates their partner HI Lighting SA, COX Architecture and all stakeholders in this amazing project.