The Fusion Show 2004 used SentryGlas Expressions decorative laminated glass for applications in the automotive industry including transportation, rail and bus applications.

An image of a Ferrari car was made using SentryGlas Expressions technology. The right hand side of the glass was opaque while the left hand side of the glass was clear. The image was made by laminatorDMS of Melbourne, Australia.

According to Fusion, it showcases a host of possibilities that automotive designers should consider for the next generation of concept vehicles. Safety and security are major issues but so is design kudos.

Intrusion-resistant side windows with SentryGlas Plus ionoplast interlayer have formed an important aspect of the exhibition that virtually all designers have expressed interest in over the past several years.

A new dimension being added by showing automotive designers how they could design with SentryGlas Expressions decorative laminated glass to add an aesthetic design detail to their car windows or to target automotive OEMs targeting the commercial fleet vehicle market, for example. The Fusion presentation gives auto designers food for thought and presents futuristic concepts.

Logos for fleet vehicles

The current automotive designers are interested in branding possibilities for fleet delivery vans such as pizza delivery trucks.

Company logos could be incorporated in glass areas of the car where viewing safety is not affected such as in rear side windows using a transparent background or even roof areas using a more translucent or one-way translucent or opaque background.

Auto designers also want the whole mood of the car to gel together that includes colour hues in exteriors, interiors and automotive window glass with the safety and added security of laminated glass built in.

The introduction of SentryGlas Expressions means that a whole new area of aesthetic and safety/security options in glass is opening up for automotive designers. For all of these reasons, there will be a lot more decorative glass in the next generation of commercial vehicles.

Digiglass is a distributor for SentryGlas Expressions.