DigiGlass  provides a range of Decorative glass floor and walls for Taiwan beauty clinic. Michael Young’s team of architectural designers have come up with a strikingly, colorful concept based on purple and blue hues for the floor and walls for the lobby area of an aesthetic surgery clinic in Taipei, Taiwan. This is made possible by the use of laminated glass incorporating DuPont SentryGlas Expressions technology.

The facility, called ‘The Lucy Clinic’ (completed late 2004), is run by Dr James Chang, an aesthetic surgeon. The laminator for the project was the Stanley Glass Company of Taipei.

Breaking new boundaries in design
Icelandic artist Katrin Petursdottir Young told LGN: “This is the first time we have used SentryGlas Expressions technology to decorate a floor surface. This meant a relatively large surface area to work with. The floor tiles are huge, demanding a massive scale-up of the original artwork. Thanks to DuPont SentryGlas Expressions technology, the quality of the result is excellent; we are talking about at least 3,000 dpi resolution in the final product. I do not know of any other technology to reproduce artwork so accurately for large glass surfaces at an affordable cost! We are really breaking new boundaries in design here.”

Technically, the journey from the original computer artwork to floor design was done digitally, using Adobe Illustrator software. This software program uses vector files to manage solid colors, lines and files (as opposed to the raster files used by commercial software programs). It was therefore more suitable for a big-scale enlargement.

Alberto Puchetti, an architect with Michael Young’s Taipei office told LGN: “This is a new clinic, built within a very compact space. We wanted the lobby to be very smart and bright, with mirrored surfaces and a colored glass floor; this was achieved by using SentryGlas Expressions. Laminated glass with SentryGlas Expressions is used on the floor and some of the walls of the clinic; we used an abstract pattern by Katrin Petursdottir Young with lots of purple and blue hues. Some of the walls have a purple gradient on a mirror backing. We also incorporate dramatic black illuminated Corian surfaces in the lobby. By contrast, the rest of the clinic is has a traditional white and clinical feel. Laminated safety glass and Corian are both very easy to clean, making them suitable for use in a clinical setting.”