Dickson  is an ISO certified company. The exclusive fabrics for exterior use, (such as in blinds and awnings) manufactured by it have enabled Dickson emerge as one of the leading players in the blind fabric market. All of Dickson’s products go through rigourous quality checks to deliver hgh quality products.

One important and attracitve feature of Dickson's manufacturing process is recycling of all of its waste products. Additionally, Dickson also helps in holding energy management programmes to ultimately bring down gas emissions.

Dickson entered into a joint venture with Constant, another weaving specialist. The two companies joined hands in order to develop and expand product line. Later, Dickson also became a part of the American Textile Group.

All Dickson fabrics are produced in Wasquehal, in the north of France. From there,70% of its produce is sent out to other branches or directly supplied to customers.

The production capacity is about 25 000 000 m anually. Customers are given the options of viewing product catalogues on CD-Roms. The display helps in projecting how a specific blind fabric or awning would look in their homes.