Dickson , manufacturer of outdoor technical textiles, has introduced the Orchestra Max range of awning fabrics.

The range of Orchestra Max awning fabrics is endowed with special, integrated technology, meaning that the unique fabric is actually self cleaning. The fabric stays clean in all types of weather, amidst any amounts of ambient pollution. The awning fabrics can simply be rinsed with clear water and the fabric will regain its original beauty.

The Orchestra Max range of awning fabrics has been inspired by the Lotus plant’s distinct capability to remain clean and dry at all times. The textile is coated with special nanoparticles that repel dirt and moisture.

The whole surface of the fabric is treated with the new Permaclean, meaning dirt beads up and rolls right off without ever settling into the fibres of the fabric. Easy to maintain, these awning fabrics are ideal for use in outdoor cafes and restaurant terraces that are often exposed to heavy pollution and severe weather conditions.

The Orchestra Max range of sunscreen fabrics received the "Selfcleaning – Inspired by Nature" certification, awarded by the ITV laboratory in Denkendorf, Germany. This provides a 100% guarantee of the effectiveness of the fabric’s unique Permaclean treatment, applied to the entire Orchestra Max range of awning fabrics. Dickson is equally committed to ensuring the quality of this range of awning fabrics and therefore offers an extended, 10 year warranty.

Coated on one side with an antifungal acrylic resin which is resistant to UV rays, the Orchestra Max range of outdoor fabrics is also completely waterproof, letting owners make the most of their outdoor terraces, even when it rains. And when the sun shines, the 100% solution-dyed acrylic Sunacryl fibres ensure remarkable colourfastness and excellent resistance to UV rays, so the fabric remains beautiful for years.