Colour designer Amanda Bennett says the timber panels produced by Deziner Panels from recycled timber are ‘rare and precious’.

In her colour predictions, Amanda said:

“In interiors we take the current colours of ‘teal, turquoise, mustard and mint, with a touch of purple’. Reduce the intensity of the Chroma so they are adjusted for our Australian light. This would mean adding a touch of grey. Light grey for a pastel or mid to dark for a tone. These can be mixed with the pure Chroma colours for zest and life.”

Amanda had also forecast the prominence of wood in interior trends for 2016 and beyond, recommending the use of subdued or muted colours with the material. This could be achieved, for instance, by combining wood with rattan, linen, stone (concrete) and terracotta clay work. Using this combination would make an interior space appear less static, with the interior elements adding a sense of movement to their design.

She adds that Copper and Bronze are warm colours that incorporate the inviting properties of gold without the brashness.

According to Amanda, a strong example of natural recycled handcrafted timber for interiors is the product range at Deziner Panels. Observing that the timber panels are produced using timber sourced from old ships and structures, she said the range represents a way to continue their life.

Amanda explains that each recycled wall panel is handmade with great care and excellence, and retain the characteristic visual stress marks, splits, indentations, knots and cracks of timber.