Dexion pallet storage systems offer excellent space optimisation as well as efficient and safe high-density storage.

Businesses are increasingly identifying a critical requirement for high-density pallet storage systems due to their cost efficiencies and space saving features. Dexion’s state-of-the-art high-density Satellite storage solution has been installed widely across Australia. 

Satellite storage offers substantial productivity and storage advantages compared to typical ‘block stack’ and ‘drive-in’ storage applications. These include space optimisation, increased utilisation benefits, safety assurance and improved productivity. 

Space optimisation 

Satellite is highly suited to businesses requiring high-density storage of multiple pallets. The Satellite solution optimises storage against available volume by leveraging available depth space.

The stack height is limited only by the warehouse’s dimensional reach while stack depth at typically 5-15 deep is significantly more than other configurations but can be deeper if the product profile permits. Unlike other configurations, Satellites are also uni-directional – they can be loaded from one end and unloaded from the other, producing greater storage capacity, as well as packaging efficiencies. 

Safety assurance

Operator safety is a major aspect of Satellite pallet storage solutions. Unlike conventional ‘drive-in’ racking systems where the operator drives into the lane of the racking structure, a forklift truck places the pallet on the rails ready for the Satellite unit to move the pallet into position.

The pallets are then collected from the front of the rack for retrieval by the Satellite unit. Since the operator or the forklift need not enter the racking structure, operator safety and rack protection are assured. 

Improved productivity 

Unlike traditional selective storage solutions that require operators to travel all over the warehouse to put away or retrieve pallets, the Satellite operator always returns to the same location or zone to undertake the transactional task, significantly reducing travel time for the operator and increasing warehouse productivity.

Automatic battery recharge 

Automatic battery recharging options are perfectly suited to businesses operating multiple Satellite units. As the battery recharge is managed automatically, the operator does not have to exit the forklift to replace it, thereby saving time. Additionally, charge cycles are auto-balanced increasing the longevity of the battery, which in turn, reduces the lifecycle cost of the overall system operation. 

Dexion’s Satellite pallet storage systems

Satellite high density pallet storage systems can be tailored to any application as they are scalable to both warehouse capacity and task activity. 

Key features of Satellite pallet storage systems include intelligent design for longevity and quality of operation; 8-wheel design dispersing the load across the storage rails enabling greater carrying capacity and longer rail life; patented mechanical lifting motion eliminating need for hydraulics, requiring fewer moving parts, and handheld remote or automatic control via Dexion’s Real-time Distribution System.

A status indicator on the front face providing vital information to the operator is also a key benefit of the system, as is the unique lifting function allowing pallets to be densely packed along the rail. Moreover, the distance between pallets is adjustable by 0mm to 200mm, which increases productivity potential.

Dexion’s Satellite system features a lithium-ion battery that will power the machine for up to eight hours with minimal self-discharge when not in use. An automatic battery recharge solution is also available in addition to a range of standard battery changeover options.

The Satellite’s rails are fitted with detection holes, which are aligned with the Satellite unit sensors. High tolerance rail joints allow for smooth running of the Satellite unit in deeper storage applications. Collision protection at the front and rear pallets ensures safe handling of overhanging pallets. 

Dexion’s Satellite pallet storage system also offers capability to move up to 60 pallets per hour, and has a broad operating temperature from -30°C to +40°C.

Cart operation is controlled by side sensors, front sensors and top sensors, with emergency stop safety bars at the front and rear of the unit. An optional T-bar ensures safe handling.

There is a variety of battery changeover options including in-rack battery changeover, traditional battery charging rooms, and battery changeover process. Brushes located at the front of the guide wheels or along the side of the Satellite unit sweep the surface of the rail to ensure a clean running surface for the wheels, while an eccentric drive lifting process enables the unit to lift half the load at a time to prolong battery life.

The Dexion Satellite system also features guide wheels for increased stability. They have a unit weight of 250kg, and maximum load weight of 2,000kg.