Dexion Office launches Strata 2 cabinets, a new range of flexible, streamlined and environment-friendly storage solutions for the modern workplace.

Leading storage and materials handling specialist, Dexion has introduced the Strata 2 cabinet range in response to the continuously evolving needs of modern workplaces. All four cabinets in the new range have been designed to seamlessly accommodate these changing requirements.

Flexible modular design

Dexion’s Strata 2 cabinets boast a flexible modular design that easily integrates into standard office layouts. Featuring consistent dimensions and aesthetics, these sleek new cabinets combine a compact design with slimline top and floor plinths to maximise storage capacity, while minimising environmental impact. All cabinets are constructed with steel to guarantee strength and improve security.

Adjustable levelling feet align the cabinets when either banked together or integrated with other office furniture. The cabinets can also define office layouts and function as alternatives to screens.
All cabinets are finished with hardwearing, durable powder coats for extended lifespan. Acoustic door panels are available to provide enhanced acoustic absorption in noisy environments.

Designed and manufactured to meet Australian standards, Strata 2 cabinets feature components that are easy to disassemble and replace, minimising cost and extending the lifetime of the product.

Environmentally efficient: GECA certified

All cabinets in the new range are GECA certified, meaning they have been independently tested and meet the performance criteria required to contribute towards earning points for Green Star certification.

The cabinets are packaged in 100% recyclable material, which further minimises environmental impact. Product stewardship programs are also available to assist workplaces in reducing their carbon footprint.

Security guaranteed

The Strata 2 cabinet range is designed to offer workplaces absolute peace of mind when it comes to security. A removable barrel locking system with 3,000 key combinations and master keys ensures secure storage of cabinet contents.

The new folding key feature also creates an unobtrusive design when left on the cabinet door. Dexion's standard microban keys prevent 99% of surface bacteria growth.

Accessories for every application

The Strata 2 cabinet range comprises of an extensive range of accessories to suit all Strata 2 cabinets. These include roll out suspension filing frames; shelf dividers; shelf filing racks; media drawers; coat rails; bin fronts; lockable castor kits; and roll out reference shelves.

These accessories cater to every application and are interchangeable across the entire range. All cabinets integrate with Dexion's Planter box range, which offers a contemporary way of incorporating plants into the workplace.

Dexion Strata 2 cabinet range

The four new products in the Dexion Strata 2 cabinet range include Strata 2 Sliding Door Cabinet; Strata 2 Tambour Door Cabinet; Strata 2 Swing Door Cabinet; and Strata 2 Bookcase Cabinet. All cabinets feature a common shell to allow interchanging of doors.

Dexion Strata 2 sliding door cabinet

Strata 2 sliding door cabinets are ideal for office refurbishments and fit-outs, with the sleek cabinet effortlessly incorporated into workstations or smaller office areas where space optimisation is essential.

The cabinet's sliding doors are perfectly suited to aisles because they do not impede walkways. Key features include a smooth, quiet sliding door operation, a bevelled ergonomic handle, GECA certification, perforated doors with acoustic sound absorption panels as standard, perforated design for a modern aesthetic, White Satin finish as standard plus choice of a wide range of custom colours. 

Dexion Strata 2 tambour door cabinet 

Strata 2 tambour door cabinets feature perforated doors that retract into the side of the cabinet, keeping the aisles unobstructed. The retractable doors make this cabinet perfect for offices where space is at a premium.

Key features include signature slimline handle design, choice of colours, GECA certified, ABS translucent slat, innovative full height magnetic strips on doorposts to ensure tight, secure closure and a smooth finish when doors are closed, dual point locking for secure storage of files, and flexibility to convert into a bookcase or swing door cabinet.

Dexion Strata 2 swing door cabinet 

Strata 2 swing door cabinets are equipped with reinforced door panels, concealed hinges and an enclosed doorframe design for added strength and security. 

Key features include a full height recessed handle providing functional grip, modern and simple aesthetic, and flexibility to be easily converted to tambour door or bookcase cabinets.

Strata 2 bookcase cabinet

Strata 2 bookcase cabinets are ideal for showcasing their contents, and can be effortlessly converted to a tambour door or swing door cabinet should the office require a secure cabinet with doors.