Devex Systems, a leading provider of specialised heating solutions for over 40 years, launched their own line of underfloor heating systems in 2018.

A versatile and cost-effective alternative to traditional heating systems, electric underfloor heating allows for a more balanced heat distribution across a room. High-quality electric underfloor heating systems from Devex Systems use heating cables to suit hard and cold surfaces such as bathroom floors.

X mat MG-150

Featuring a 3.5mm thick mat with a low-EMF twin conducting heating cable, X mat MG-150 allows for simple installation directly on fibre cement sheets, concrete, or F-Board insulation as well as in adhesive beds or levelling compounds. The 500mm wide MG-150 comes with a single 3m cold tail.

X cable CK-17

The X cable CK-17 or in screed heating cable is made with fluoropolymer and covered with durable PVC. Through its twin conducting heating cable, the versatile cable is easily installed onto a structural slab, fibre cement sheet, or F-Board insulation, as well as a 20-25mm screed bed. This electric floor heating cable also comes with a 3m single cold tail, and is rated at 17 watts per metre.

Devex Systems recommends the use of F-Board insulation with under-tile, in screed electric floor heating to improve warm-up times considerably while reducing running costs.

X cable CT-30

The X cable CT-30 has a low EMF feature with a single cold tail. Similar to MG-150 and CK-17, this heating system is also easy to install under a range of floor coverings including concrete slabs. The cable comes with a 3m cold tail, and is rated at 30 watts per metre.

Devex Systems recommends the use of Extruded Polystyrene (XPS) insulation with electric in-slab heating for improved warm-up times while reducing running costs.

All Devex Systems electric underfloor heating products come with the assurance of a 20-year warranty if installed correctly.