The Solamander™ Hydronic Energy Hub from Devex achieves an optimum and pleasant indoor environment with comfort heating on demand throughout the year. This system has been designed to be an environmentally sound and sustainable solution that offsets household greenhouse gas emissions and allows residential home owners to get one step closer to a carbon neutral house.

The system can prioritise renewable energy sources over non renewable energy sources to ensure minimal energy wastage. The prioritisation of renewable energy sources like solar power reduces the energy costs associated with domestic hot water and other heating related utility bills. 


  • The key component to the delivery and management of the energy in this system is a ‘Hub’ or ‘Loop’ where the water flows around in one direction and is diverted to the energy sources, storage facilities (tank and floor) and energy uses.
  • Renewable energy sources like solar energy are automatically prioritised by this unique system.
  • Non-renewable energy sources can be prioritized to make effective use of the free energy first and the most expensive energy source last.
  • Energy sources can be easily prioritised as desired and new energy sources and uses can be added without re-plumbing the hub.
  • Combining multiple energy sources and uses through the Hydronic Energy Hub is more cost effective than current solutions on the market.

A Variety of Energy Uses & Energy Sources (Patent Pending)

Renewable & Non-Renewable

The Hydronic Energy Hub is an integrated solution that uses multiple renewable energy sources (solar and/or wetbacks) and non-renewable energy sources (electricity and/or gas) for a variety of energy uses and heating purposes. All energy sources and uses must be configured on the controller appropriately to system requirements.

Energy Sources - Both Renewable & Non-Renewable!


  • Solar
  • Wet Back


  • Heat Pump
  • Gas Boiler

Energy Uses - For all your domestic heating needs!

Domestic Hot Water (DHW) – Delivered via a buffer storage tank with a heat exchange coil to transfer energy to the water in the tank.

Pool/Spa Heating – Delivered via a titanium plate heat exchanger to the pool and/or spa. A heat dump (for energy that cannot be used or stored) is required for the system in the instance that a swimming pool is not available.

Hydronic Radiator Heating – Appropriate feed pipe system andzone controls required.

Hydronic Floor Heating – Appropriate feed pipe and manifold systems with zone controls required. Our partner brands including Danfoss controls and Rehau pipe are recommended, however, other systems can be used provided they are configured appropriately.

Unique Features

Direct Action – All space heating in this system (radiator and floor heating) is achieved via direct action with energy coming directly from a heat pump or gas boiler rather than by indirect energy transfer. This direct action minimises energy losses and in the case where solar gain is available while heating is demanded, the system uses this free energy to pre-heat the boiler or heat pump, thereby reducing its energy consumption.

Buffer Floor Heating – A designated floor area acts as a heat storage in a similar way to the buffer water tank. Once the DHW tank is full to its thermal capacity, excess renewable energy is delivered to this buffer floor heating area and stored there for ongoing heating needs.

Optimal solar or wet back harvesting – The system uses special flow regulating valves that can deliver water at a high, pre-defined temperature from the solar panels or wet back. As the solar panels heat up the water flow is increased through the panels maintaining a constant temperature of 75°C into the system. This means a steady flow of energy that always has a high utility valve. * Can be adjusted via the controller within set limits.

Prioritisation of Heat Uses – The system prioritises the use of high temperature water for DHW & Radiator heating over hydronic floor which requires lower temperatures for effective operation.