The Slimline ceiling mounted radiant heating panels, available from Devex Systems , have increased level of heat emission due to the surface treatment on both the inner and outer heating surfaces.

The treatment on the inner side is called ‘thermoquartz’ - this material assures maximum absorption of the heat. On the outer side is a layer of ‘thermocrystal’, which ensures high efficiency of the emission.

When installing the panels: Care must be taken when handling. Their surface treatment should not be touched with dirty or greasy hands.

Gloves should be worn during installation to maintain their appearance and ensure efficient operation.

Mounting: Slimline heating panels fit neatly into new or existing suspended ceilings. They can also be surface mounted directly to new or existing ceilings with the brackets supplied. The Technical Data can be referred. Recommended installation instructions must be followed.

Applications: The Slimline heating panels are suitable for offices, factories, warehouses, workshops, garages, schools, churches, colleges, cafes, restaurants, nursing homes, hostels, community halls, shops and homes.

The Slimline heating panels are available in standard white colour. Other colours are also available by special order.