Radiant ceiling heating panels from Devex Systems have become a preferred form of heating because of their modern appeal and low running costs.

Overhead heating has many benefits over traditional heating:

  • greater flexibility with regards to warming only the desired area as opposed to the entire space
  • straightforward installation process
  • energy efficient and cost-effective
  • offered in a range of heat outputs for full control over the amount of energy consumed
  • based on the science of ‘radiant heat – heats people and objects, not the air
  • floor space is freed up as the heating panels are mounted overhead 
  • a sleek, modern and innovative appeal available in a range of colours
  • the perfect solution for both indoor and outdoor heating and an excellent option for applications that are opened to drafts.
The radiant surface is designed in sections of naturally anodised aluminium, set in a galvanised steel case for strength and packed with a rock wool insulation to minimise upward heat loss. As a result, the panels emit up to 10% more usable heat than similar panels on the market.

Comfortline Overhead Electric Radiant Heating Panels are available in three different models:

  • 1 element – 1x 980W or 1x 1200W
  • 2 elements – 2x 1000W or 2x1200W
  • 3 elements – 3x1100W or 3x 1200W
It costs around 60c per hour to run a single high capacity Comfortline panel.

They can be installed in new or existing buildings and are perfect for overhead spaces as low as 2.4m up to 8m.

Generally, 100w/m² of radiant heating power can be used to heat an indoor environment, increasing to about 300w/m² for most outdoor environments.