In slab hydronic heating from Devex Systems is a storage heating system. The slab is heated by pumping hot water through pipes in the concrete slab. Because of the cold weather, this can take one to two days at the beginning of winter. However, once the slab is heated through, it radiates heat up into the room and creates a warm and comfortable environment.

Cross linked polyethylene, developed in Europe, are used for in slab hydronic heating. They are tough and are connected with leak-proof compression sleeve fittings and there is an oxygen barrier applied to the outside of the pipes. Devex Systems use German made Rehau pipes.

In slab hydronic heating systems are controlled using floor and air sensing thermostats that adjust the flow rate of hot water through the pipe circuits. To minimise system heat losses, Devex Systems recommend extruded polystyrene insulation beneath the slab and on exposed slab edges