Floor heat radiates up from the floor, providing comfort underfoot while gently managing the room temperature. Floor heating is hidden from view and does not take up valuable space.

The amount of airborne dust is reduced considerably thanks to this modern form of heating — a great relief for people with allergies or asthma. Hydronic floor heating works well under a number of different floor surfaces including marble, stone, slate, carpet, timber and all varieties of tiles.
Heat input may be controlled by a seven day timer thermostat, which allows you to heat specific rooms or spaces independently using different settings for weekdays and weekends. Our thermostats incorporate air and floor sensing controls to ensure optimum operation of the heating system.
Why hydronic floor heating?

With hydronic floor heating systems water is warmed to 35–45ºC using a suitable heat source and circulated at a safe low pressure through extremely durable plastic pipes laid in or under the floor. This form of floor heating keeps running costs down by allowing a choice of energy source to heat the water, for example:

  • natural gas condensing boilers
  • electric heat pumps
  • wood fire stoves
  • solar energy (in combination with the above).
Benefits of floor heating:
  • total comfort heating with an even distribution of warmth
  • silent and safe
  • minimal energy consumption – simple and economical to operate
  • no ducts, radiators or vents – no blown air
  • hidden from view and does not take up valuable space 
  • installs under almost any surface
  • European components. 
Optimum comfort
Our systems give you the ultimate luxury of a nice warm floor as well as a comfortable room temperature.
Invisible heating
Installation beneath the floor gives complete freedom when furnishing or re-decorating your home.
Environmentally friendly
Hydronic floor heating systems can be used with minimal or no-carbon emitting energy sources.
Sound operating economy
Intelligent floor sensing thermostats ensure accurate temperature control with minimal energy use.
Floor heating systems require only minimal maintenance.
Why Floor Heat Australia?

Floor Heat Australia specialises in the supply and installation of top quality radiant floor heating systems. With more than 30 years of experience in the design, supply and installation of floor heating systems suited to Australia’s unique condition, we have completed over 60,000 floor heating installations across Sydney.

We are widely respected in the industry for installing technically advanced and economical heating systems that meet the needs of our customers. We also offer excellent, personalised after-sales service and support. 
Our partners include, Bosch, Baxi, Danfoss and Rehau.

Floor heating systems are available from Devex Systems .