Devex Systems  is engaged in the supply of ComfortLine heating panels and Devitemp fan heaters.  

ComfortLine ceiling heating panels are known to be suitable for damp areas, small personal spaces and difficult to heat large areas. The ceiling panels are constructed specifically for suspended or surface mounting. Different sizes and temperature outputs are available. The heating surfaces are subjected to silicating treatment, which enhances the surface area.

ComfortLine heating panels can be used in gymnasiums, offices, schools, churches, hangars, greenhouses, showrooms and sports halls. Thermostats are usually recommended. The panels can either be suspended or fixed on the surfaces. The insulation level of the panels is known to enhance the efficiency and helps in the removal of vibrations. ComfortLine panels consist of steel plate case which is coated with white plastic powder.

Devitemp fan heaters supplied by Devex Systems, can be used in factories, production areas and construction sites. Devitemp fan heaters have a heating element which is powder enamelled and electro galvanised. This heating element is resistant to rusting.

Devitemp fan heaters can be obtained in two different types. Thermostats and timers are optional features that can be obtained with fan heaters. The fan heaters can be obtained as permanently connected or transportable devices.