Floor heating systems, available from Devex Systems , provide a comfortable and even temperature all winter long, in any room of the house.

Floor heating systems are also silent, therefore allowing for peaceful enjoyment of your surroundings.

Floor heating systems are invisible, they allow rooms to be designed with elegant simplicity. There are no ugly panels or ducts to disguise, and the new flooring materials become practical and comfortable options.

Floor heating systems are designed to radiate heat upwards into the room. They warm up the floor surface and then all other solid objects in the room, including people. The warm floor and other surfaces then warm the air, producing a very gentle air circulation.

The result is a comfortable environment than convection heating, with a significant reduction in draughts, dust and noise.

You can save on your energy bill and the environment, when you warm from the floor. That’s because you will be truly comfortable at relatively low air temperatures compared with conventional heating systems.