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    Floor Heating: Electric & Hydronic Systems

    Electronic Floor Heating

    European made, DEVI is Australia's leading brand in intelligent electric floor heating systems, offering a full range of high performing, long-lasting cables, mats and thermostats. DEVI sets the bar high as one of the most respected names in electric floor heating and a global leader in heating solutions.

    Having underfloor heating means any room can be designed with elegant simplicity. These electric radiant floor heating systems are recognised around the world as safe, silent and very comfortable, providing practical luxury in any room. DEVI is the only underfloor heating manufacturer that develops, manufactures and markets complete systems containing heating cables and thermostats. Consequently, there is complete harmony between the components of our heating systems, which means high performance, greater comfort, optimum reliability and usability, and correspondingly low energy consumption.

    Hydronic Floor Heating

    Hydronic floor heating systems are quite sophisticated in design and consist of the circulation of warm water through an intricate network of polyethylene oxygen resistant piping under the floor surface.  This ensures a gentle, warm heat that is evenly distributed throughout the entire living space.   Danfoss Heating Solutions offer a full range of high quality, European-made hydronic floor heating part including manifolds, zone controls and mixing shunts along with their accessories.


    With hydronic floor heating systems water is heated in a boiler and circulated at safe low pressure at around 35 - 40C through extremely durable plastic pipes laid in or under the floor.

    For floor heating, the heat source is connected to one or more manifolds, with one manifold per floor level for a typical house. Each manifold can have a number of floor heating circuits.

    Alternatively, radiator panels can be used in cases where floor heating is not an option. Although they are called ‘radiators’, they provide predominantly convective heat with some radiant heat. In general, radiant systems like floor heating are more efficient, particularly with higher ceilings, and they provide more comfort for the occupants.

    The heating pipes and the standard radiator types have a 25 year warranty.

    Floor Heat Australia 

    Floor Heat Australia is the installation and after-sales service and support division of Devex Systems, a leading supplier of electric and hydronic underfloor heating systems. Since 1978 we have completed over 60,000 installations. 

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