Comfortline Electric Radiant Overhead Heating Panels offer comfort with low running costs and are easy to install.

These panels are the perfect heating solution for indoor/outdoor applications including cafes and restaurant patios, workshops, small warehouses, nursing homes and hostels.

They are perfect for average to low ceiling heights and offer a sleek and modern heating solution for the cooler months.

These panels are offered with one, two or three elements depending on the degree of heat required.

Comfortline panels emit up to 10% more usable heat than similar panels on the market thanks to their unique “silicating” surface treatment. They are packed with rock wool insulation to minimise upward heat loss.

The radiant surface has a high level of heat emission due to their unique “silicating“ treatment on the heating surface which increases the actual surface area, ensuring the highest possible level of heat emission from the surface of each panel.  The Excel model has two anticorrosive coatings that are applied to sheet metal parts which are made from AluZinc.  The heaters include high quality thermal insulation to reduce heat loss upwards.