Schwank is an international market-leader in gas radiant overhead heating technology. With over 75 years of experience in the industry, Schwank has serviced applications like warehouses, airplane hangars and stadiums!
The “whisper jet” burner technology is the core of these infrared radiant tube heaters. The tube is heated to approximately 650°C by a long laminar flame that ensures a uniform heat transfer.

This achieves a high level of energy efficiency and offers a gentle radiant heat downwards, warming people and objects, not the air - making it a perfect option for large, open spaces.
These gas radiant overhead tube heaters have been installed at, Bosch, Air New Zealand, Air Canada, Magna and BMW, just to name a few.
Schwank’s Overhead Radiant Heating Technology:
  • Made in Germany – award winning, market leader in energy efficient overhead radiant heating systems
  • Servicing the industry for over 75 years
  • Energy Efficient; can reduce by more than 50% compared to other forms of heating like convection systems
  • Short warm up times and long life cycles
See the new Schwank energy efficient gas radiant overhead heating systems here.

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