Electric underfloor heating from Devex Systems is a common heating option for retrofit projects, especially for heating a bathroom or living space.

Whether the space is large or small, underfloor heating can be used in areas of 1m² upwards and are flexible in terms of size, shape design and compatibility with different surface coverings.

There are four ways in which underfloor heating can be used, it is all dependent on the personal preference of the home owner.

Electric heating cables in screed bed: Typically used at the time of construction, this ‘direct’ acting system is embedded in a sand/cement bed with the heating cables fixed on top of the floor structure using a light steel mesh or fixing strips. It is the best option for rooms that have flexibility in the height of the floor as it will usually add 30mm in addition to the floor tile.

This system is able to hold heat for a much longer period of time when compared with an adhesive system. Generally, it will take up to 1.5 hours to heat up and gives off heat for an equal amount of time once turned off. It works well in areas that are irregularly shaped.

Electric heating cables in concrete floor slab: The heating cables in this system are fixed to the top layer of the slab reinforcement, prior to the slab being poured. Cables are laid on the top mesh in about 30-40mm of concrete. They run during off-peak hours to cut energy costs and maximise efficiency. During peak house, stored energy accumulated during off-peak hours runs the system.

Electric heating cables in tile adhesive: Under tile heating consists of a thin heating cable pre-laid on a self-adhesive fibreglass mesh. This system is ideal for retrofit and new construction projects. It is an ‘on-demand’ system and is quick to respond to a change in thermostat. Cables are located immediately under the heated surface and it is the fastest floor heating system on the market.

Installation costs can be on the high side, however running costs are usually quite low.

Electric heating cables with insulation for under floating timber floors: The heating cables in this system are fixed to an insulated panel. It is recommended for use under manufactured floating timber floors. Heat loss downwards is minimised thanks to the panel’s polystyrene insulation. The aluminium surface ensures uniform distribution of heat to the timber floor.

Electric floor heating is the perfect solution for bathrooms, ensuites and laundry rooms. The systems work under any floor coverings from marble, stone, slate to all varieties of tiles. It is also fabulous under carpet and timber floors.

The electric heating systems are virtually maintenance free and have a lifespan upwards of 30 years. It is a very cost-effective heating solution when used properly.