Devex Systems  has developed a wide range of devireg electronic thermostats to control the range of DEVI heating systems. Electronic thermostats regulate the temperature quickly and accurately, and by choosing the optimal thermostat, both comfort and financial benefits may be achieved. Before choosing a devireg thermostat, the following parameters should be considered.    

Sensor type

  • A combination of floor and room sensors is recommended in all applications, especially where the floor temperature needs to be limited, for instance, in the case of timber, or where the heating system is designed to supply total room heating.
  • Floor sensors are recommended with the majority of floor heating systems to ensure a pleasant floor temperature, for example, surface floor warming.
  • Room sensors are only recommended where a floor sensor cannot be installed, and where the heating system is designed to supply total room heating.

Devireg thermostats are usually installed on the wall. Devireg thermostats can also be installed in cupboards or on a DIN rail (devireg 330 series) with the use of a remote sensor. If the devireg thermostat uses an external sensor type, it can be mounted in or outside the room. Otherwise, devireg thermostats’ in room sensor or combination mode must always be installed in the room with the heating element.  

Most loads can be switched directly through the devireg thermostats. For loads over the contact rating of the thermostat, a contactor or relay will be required to switch the load.    

Timer thermostat

The devireg 535 has multiple timer functions and can be easily programmed by the user.