Devimat from Devex Systems has been specially designed for house renovations where the construction height of the floors needs to be minimised.
The devimat is only around 3mm in thickness and the system can be installed on top of existing tiles, wooden floors or concrete floors, as well as over fibre cement and water proofing.

Typical areas of use are kitchens and bathrooms. The heating system can be used anywhere in a building in connection with a renovation where new tiles are to be laid.

Installed output

Devimat is available in two pre-set rates of output. The higher rate of 160W/m2 is generally used unless the mat is installed directly over or under timber. In the case of deviflex cables, the DSIG-17 and DTIP-18 can be used over concrete, whereas the lower output DTIE-10 should be used when installed directly over or under timber. Both are used in an In Screed system.

Product choice

There are three devimat products to choose from for this system. The DSVF-150 mat uses a single conductor cable whereas the DTIF mats use a twin conductor cable. If the floor height is crucial, the devimat is recommended. Since the devimat is only 5mm thick (including tile adhesive) the increase in the floor height will be minimal. If the floor height is not crucial, the deviflex cables can be used with an In Screed system.

If the system is to be laid over a timber floor, the devimat DTIF-100 or deviflex DTIE-10 must be used, unless fibre cement is used as an underlay. In any case, the devimat DTIF-110 or deviflex DTIE-10 must always be used if there is to be wood above or directly below the heating element. To achieve optimal comfort and economy of the system, a programmable thermostat should be used - the devireg 535.