DEVI Mirror Heaters eliminate the age old problem of foggy, steamy mirrors. No more wiping - no more streaks.

DEVI mirror heating mats are unlike many other products on the market as they are not attached to the mirror itself, thus they readily enable the replacement of the mirror should it be damaged in any way.

If wired to the light circuit the heating will only operate when the room is in use.

DEVI Mirror Heaters are quick and easy to install, and are usually connected via the power/light/fan/switch. Running costs are low, comparable to a light globe.

Available in three handy sizes, the DEVI Mirror Heaters can be adjusted to suit various shapes. DEVI Mirror Heaters are maintenance free. The DEVI Mirror Heaters are manufactured using safe, rugged double insulated heating cable. The DEVI Mirror Heaters are Australian Standards approved.

DEVI Mirror Heaters can be typically installed in bathrooms, shower rooms or change rooms in homes, schools, hostels, hospitals, motels, resorts, day spas, gyms etc.

DEVI Mirror Heaters are available Devex Systems