In cold store, there is a constant frost influence, which means that the door can easily freeze at the weather strippings when it is opened.

Apart from the obvious damages to the door/weather strippings, frozen weather strippings may also prevent the door from shutting tight, which again leads to increased energy consumption in the cold room due to the large temperature differences.

It is therefore recommended to use silicone cables to heat the weather strippings in such doorways. In connection with sliding doors and swing doors, etc, the frost problems may also concern the slide bars.

This does not only apply to cold stores, but also gates and doors of car washes, etc where there is a potential frost risking during winter.

Here, the potential frost risk during winter. Here, the potential problems may also be solved by means of Deviflex heating cables, available from Devex Systems .

Typically, frost protection systems are used for sliding doors, swing doors, gates in car washes, doors in cold stores, edges of rollers in water treatment plants, etc.